In order to provide clear and transparent pricing, I believe it’s important that I educate my clients before throwing a number at them.  If you’ve never worked with a DJ before then reading the following bullet-points will help you understand why I charge what I charge, and how hard I work to provide all of my clients the best value for their money.

  • I do NOT believe in hidden-fees or surprise costs, so you will NEVER have any hidden fee or last-minute-surprise when working with me.  Whatever I quote you based on the logistics of your event, that is the final price you will pay me.  Each event comes with different logistics & challenges, so whenever I send a quote for any event, I always factor in the following points:  *My labor-&-time required for setting up and breaking down,  *My equipment wear-&-tear costs,  *My gas-cost, miscellaneous fees & Taxes, and all of  *My time spent in advance-prep for creating sets with the right style of music based on your taste.  All of these points are factored in whenever I give out my quote.
  • Each 4-6hr event can pretty much take up an entire day on the job, and there are countless hours that go in advance-prep because each event comes with different logistics, challenges, travel, and musical requirements.  I spend A LOT of time pre-programming the right entrance music, the right first-dance music, and the right processional-recessional music based on my clients’ choices.  I also come up with my own script to do introductions, and make announcements as needed along the way, while keeping things simple and professional.
  • Different DJ companies charge differently in this industry.  Some big-name companies charge higher rates but may not guarantee that you will get an experienced DJ to handle the job.  When choosing your DJ, it is important to remember that Weddings or Anniversaries are a once-in-a-lifetime gatherings, so it is very important not to choose a DJ strictly based on the cheapest rate because you might end up regretting the experience later.
  • I highly recommend reading reviews and asking for a demo mix when shopping for a DJ.  While my rates are fair based on the Raleigh market, I understand the importance of staying competitive.  That’s why I do offer a price-match guarantee, so long as if you can show me an official quote from my competitor with a similar package.  My goal is to ensure you receive the best value for your investment while also keeping my calendar full.
  • When you choose to work with me, we become a team, and I’m always available to address any questions or concerns you may have from the start to the end of our journey together.  I appreciate clients who take the time to read through my Reviews & Testimonials, and are genuinely eager to hire me.  I strive to educate my clients during their price-shopping stage and encourage them NOT to choose the cheapest option because in this line of work, a cheaper rate usually means below-average experience.


Here are some of my basic starting packages with details …

South-Asian(Indian)Wedding Packages (Rates-&-Details):

  • The packages listed below are good for …
    • events that don’t require more than one setup at one location, and…
    • events that don’t require the equipment to be moved around from one ballroom to another during the day…

$2000.00 +  (Best-Selling-Package) This is my all-inclusive-package for a 1 evening event consisting of 4-6hr long with up to 250+ guests, and it comes with premium sound with subwoofers, 2 wireless mics, dance-floor lights with Facade, and uplighting to match your decor theme.

$2500.00 +  This is an all inclusive package for 1 evening event consisting of 4-6hr long with up to 300+ guests with premium sound with subwoofers, 2 wireless mics, dance-floor lights with Facade, and uplighting done across the ballroom to match your decor.  Travel fees + hotel are extra, and any larger number of guests will require bigger sound system, which means more time needed for set-up & break-down, so the price may vary to cover for the larger number of guests or larger venues with high ceilings, and if there’s travel required with overnight stays, then the rates go upwards of $3k per day because of the multi-day time-commitment required).

  • These rates are good for events with up to 300+ guests, and for my local nearby locations that are 4-6hr long such as, Receptions / Engagements / Sangeet / Garba / Mehndi / Holud / Shaadi, or Valima etc.  
  • If your event is located more than an hour away from my homebase, please note that I may require a room for the night if the event ends late. This is to ensure that I have enough time to pack up after the event, and to avoid any potential safety risks from driving long distances late at night.
  • Based on the program & timeline provided, I can make announcements, do the grand-introductions, and work with your coordinator to handle all the logistics through-out the event to stay on schedule, and of course, I’ll make everyone dance till the end of the night!  Travel fees and room addition applies for far away locations.

More Details Described Below:

  • Usually, a full-fledged One-Day South-Asian / Indian wedding starts with the Baraat in the morning (my rate is $750 for the Baraat), then it goes into the Ceremony & lunch, (my rate is $950 to provide the sound, music & mics for the officiant during Ceremony & Lunch), and then after that, the Reception starts with a cocktail hour later in the evening.  If clients decide to add the night before for the Sangeet/Garba/Mehndi, then it turns into a 2 full-day’s of commitment from my side, which costs more.
  • My 2-Day Rate is at least $6500 (all inclusive with premium sound, wireless mics, DJ-Dancefloor lighting with Facade, and uplighting (all together with no surprise fees or extra costs).  The Uplighting colors can either be slow-transitioning or static to match your decor.
  • IF each day is going to require me being at the venue the entire day with lots of moving parts, or if the travel is required, then my 2-day rate may be around $7500+.  Ask me if you have more questions, and let’s discuss your event in details soon.  Please be transparent with me about all the moving parts, so I can better plan everything out in advance and deliver the best experience possible.
  • My rates always include all of my labor & time required for coming to the venue hours in advance to set up, sound-check, perform the show, and then break-down at the end of the party; Plus, my taxes/fees, my gas cost, my equipment wear-tear costs, and all of my countless hours that I’ll be spending in advance to work on music requirements are also factored into my rates.

Here’s what I bring in my packages:

    • I own QSC / JBL / RCF branded Sound-System(s) with all the necessary mics & lighting equipment.
    • I MC, do bridal-party Introductions, and make Announcements based on the program provided.
    • I bring 2 wireless mics, 1 wired mic provided for speeches or announcements, and 1 lapel mic for the officiant when needed.
    • I bring DJ-lighting for the dance-floor, and up-lighting to add more value for my clients.
    • I do songs-Customization in advance based on the client’s choice of music for each segment of the event. Playlists are welcome!

*Note: __ If your guests count is more, then you WILL need extra sound-equipment to cover for the acoustics of larger venue halls to make sure that the sound is evenly spread all the way to the back of the ballroom.  The size of the ballroom, the amount of guests, and the high ceilings have an affect on the overall experience, so please be transparent with me when describing details in your inquiry.  If additional services or travel is required per job, then the rates may be higher, so please be transparent when asking for a detailed-quote because sending a customized quote or a proposal requires a lot of effort & time.


Pakistani / Middle-Eastern / Bengali / Nepali Wedding Packages (Rates-&-Details):

$1600.00  +  (all inclusive basic starting package with premium-sound, and up-lights within 1hr of drive time from my location).  If your location is far away, then price may vary).  This is my all inclusive rate per night requiring 4-6 hours of DJ-services; (remember, each 4-6hr long event is like a full-day of commitment for me with countless hours spent in advance-prep time, and bringing 1000’s of dollars of equipment, and the time required to setup & breakdown).  This rate is good for up-to 200+ guests count.  If your guests count is more, then it will be $2000 for the night, and I will provide all the necessary sound, mics, Dj-lights, and up-lights to enhance your venue’s look.

  • All the necessary sound, wireless mics, DJ/DanceFloor lighting, and uplighting will be included in this package. The Uplighting colors can either be slow-transitioning or static to match your decor/theme of the hall.  Based on the program & timeline provided, I will make announcements, do the grand-introductions, and work with your coordinator to handle all the logistics through-out the night to stay on schedule, and make everyone dance till the end of the night.


AMERICAN Weddings Package (Rates-&-Details):

$1500.00  +   

  • Let’s say you want to hire me to DJ an American Wedding with no ethnic flavor of music required__(I’ve done plenty of those also, as I’m quite versatile in my experience as a multi-cultural DJ).  American weddings normally start with a Ceremony, then Cocktail Hour, and then the Reception. I can do it all for $1500 flat-rate if everything will be happening within the same ballroom, but IF you will be having your ceremony at an outdoor space that is far-away from the main reception ballroom, then I’ll need to plan on providing a separate sound-&-mic setup to accommodate for all the moving parts of the ceremony depending on the guests count; wireless mic(s) for the officiant, and for the couples if needed, so you’re looking to add $350 more for that. Plus I’ll handle all the necessary background (processional/recessional) music-programming in advance to accommodate for this, and mic the officiant up.  You will also get all the necessary sound, wireless mics, DJ/DanceFloor lighting, and uplighting within this package.  The Uplighting colors can either be programed to match your decor.  Based on the program & timeline provided, I will make announcements, do the grand-introductions, and work with your coordinator to handle all the logistics through-out the night so we can stay on schedule, and of course, I’ll make everyone dance till the end of the night!


Note:  The rates listed above are my ‘2024’ Packages.  If your event-specific-needs are different, or you’re on a tighter budget and looking for DJ for other types of events, then reach out to me directly via text/call (919-757-6865) or, email_(, and describe your event-details with your budget, and I can let you know if my calendar is free for that date, so I can make that event happen for you!



  • Cocktail Hour (Customized mix made to YOUR Taste in music):  $100.00  __  This rate ONLY applies IF you require a specific style of music to be played throughout the cocktail hour based on the list you give me.  If you want your own favorite style of music to be played during this portion, I will make a customized continuous mix from the songs YOU provide.  This includes all of my time that I would spend in advance while making that custom/continuous mix of YOUR favorite style of music to be played in a continuous flow through a separate speaker setup during this time.  You are welcome to share a Spotify playlist designed specifically for this portion, and I’ll spend the extra time needed to compile it in a smooth-long-mix so you & your guests can enjoy the cocktail hour.

  • Monogram:  $350.00  __  This will be the cost, IF you’d like a Monogram with the couple’s name & wedding-date projected on a wall of the hall; depending on whichever wall it will look best at.

  • Baraat (South-Asian-Weddings):  $750.00  __  This additional service is mainly a hit for the South-Asian clients.  IF you’d like a Mobile-Baraat experience for your wedding, I will custom-create a nice set of Dance/Bhangra/Hype Music, and lead the Baraat with the groom and the entire crowd of Baraat attendees towards the ceremony.  Music provided through a portable sound-system from the back of my van as the Baraat follows along with the groom.

  • Dholi / Drummer / Dhol-wala:  $600.00 – $ 800.00  __  Prices vary between person-to-person, but I have some great local Dholis within my network that I can bring along for your Baraat, or for the whole night.  Ask me, and I’ll find a good Dholi to lock in for your date.

  • Photo-Booth:  $900.00 +  __  I have a dedicated PhotoBooth person within my network that I can book for you, and bring along with me. The PhotoBooth will be a touch-screen with props, attendant will be present with 4hrs of service with unlimited prints for your guests, and the digital copies of all pictures will be provided to you at the end of the event.  Ask me about it if you want this service, or if you have more questions!


Additional Guests fees:  Please reach-out for a separate quote if your guests count will be more than 350+ as you WILL need extra equipment for a better overall experience.

Additional Travel fees:  If the event location is more than 1hr drive, then the rate for your event may vary.  Plus, I’ll need you to provide me a non-smoking room for the night as part of the booking, especially if your event won’t be ending until 11pm or later.

    • Please Note:  The prices described above are very competitive within the Raleigh market.  Your market rates might be different depending on where you live.  If your event-specific-needs are different, or you’re on a tighter budget, or interested in doing a smaller party that is not a wedding, then please reach out to me directly via email_( or Call/Text/WhatsApp_(919-757-6865), and I’ll see if I can make that happen for you depending on my availability.  Thank You for your continued support and trust!!!

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